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From The Founder

"For fifteen years I've been searching for a platform that had it all. That way, independent writers and creators like myself could simply focus on their craft. I found that (and more) in Greenlamp."

Scott P. Scheper

Everything You'll Ever Need, and More...

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"One Platform to Rule Them All."

Greenlamp is the first platform that actually gets everything right.

Imagine Running Your Entire Business From ONE Login...

Imagine a world where you get to focus on your craft instead of connecting your email marketing platform to your website.

Imagine never having to duct-tape together different services (CRM, website, email platforms, etc.).

Imagine if you could actually spend your time and life doing what you love: writing, creating, and thinking.

The Best-In-Class Infrastructure

Infrastructure that works 24 hours per day

7 days a week, and doesn't take off holidays. Our technical infrastructure is distributed across the world. You won't ever have to worry about contacting your hosting company again.

Constant and neverending updates

Our platform receives software updates pushed out every single day. New features are launched on a weekly basis, and you'll be given early access.

Robust backups and plug-and-play features

If you ever make a mistake, you can revert and restore any website or funnel you create. This is but one of the thousands of features Greenlamp provides.

The One Platform To Rule Them All

Imagine how much your productivity will skyrocket when you only have to use one platform to run your entire business.

Not only this, but imagine the money you will save when you shed all of the little micro-services which add up over time.

But here's the best part: The features and functionality of Greenlamp blow away every single other online platform out there. Guaranteed.


Build a Relationship With Your Customers

Greenlamp ties together your online marketing engine with your customers such that you'll be able to actually build a relationship with your people and build trust with everyone who comes into contact with you.

Design Beautiful Websites, Funnels, Emails & More

Greenlamp features a best-in-class design and editing experience for your marketing assets that enable you to quickly create assets that attract and scale your reach.

Best-in-class Analytics, Advertising, and Reporting

Greenlamp integrates with the best advertising tools and social media platforms required to grow your business at-scale.