The Marketing Platform For Geospatial Apps

Greenlamp enables geospatial apps (meaning apps that utilize geo-location data and maps) to grow their business with an end-to-end marketing platform backed by data science.

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In 2008 the average person in the U.S. consumed 34 gigabytes per day (1 byte is a character of text). In 2012 that figure shot to 63 gigabytes per person per day. In 2015, it grew to over 75 gigabytes. Today, people consume more data than ever before while on-the-go. At the center of this technology sits geospatial apps (applications that use geo-location services and maps).

Our COIN App is used an average of 3.86 hours per user per day on Android & iOS devices.


The average person consumes 13.6 hours of media per day (music, television, content, radio). 6 hours per day are spent online. Today, most of apps are viewed via mobile devices, which rely on geospatial technologies. Greenlamp focuses on optimizing these experiences.


In the 1970's, the average consumer saw 500 ads per day. Today, it's 5,000. And most of the time its while users are on-the-go. Marketing today must take advantage of this new reality.


On October 25, 1994, AT&T launched the first online advertisement ever; a banner ad which ran on It's click-through rate was 78%. Today, the average click-through rate is 0.11%. Engagement is no longer about clicks, its about engaging users while on-the-go. Engagement centers around geospatial app intelligence.


Over 30% of ads online can't even be viewed by users due to page position or ad blockers. It's no longer about being visible; today, it's about being present. And the best presence is through engaging with users through their geospatial realities. Greenlamp specializes in building customers experiences around this new paradigm.


  • COIN is our first app built using Greenlamp's end-to-end marketing technology stack.
  • We launched COIN on February 6, 2019. Already it's being used in more than 120 countries, and has been downloaded by more than 80,000 users! The Daily Average User count comes out to 15,000 per day, and is growing every single day.
  • The most amazing COIN stat centers on its daily usage. On average each user spends 4 Hours Per Day Geomining in COIN. This didn't come about by accident. Using Greenlamp's suite of technologies and solutions, we've been able to create one of the most exciting new geospatial apps out there.

The amount of marketing messages have sky-rocketed.
Today, marketing must focus on engaging users while they're on-the-go.

How does one grow their apps and engage their userbase in this new geospatial reality?

  • The process starts with mapping out a customer journey that will delight customers while they're using geospatial applications.

  • It also starts with a combination of being tenaciously creative and masters of geospatial app technology.

  • In the old days (meaning 2009), the best digital products had the best people. Today the best ones have the best people and technologies.


  • Our tech works 24 hours per day

    7 days a week, and doesn't take off holidays. The ethos of Greenlamp centers on building high-performing apps that run even while we're away.

  • Geospatial App Marketing

    Our marketing technology focuses on developing and growing geospatial apps beyond what they've dreamed of.

  • Speed

    The Greenlamp platform enables geospatial apps (like COIN) to learn and compile features into predictive intelligence models. This enables our apps to grow and scale rapidly.


  • Greenlamp's targeting technology enables one to reach 94% of the Internet at any given time. But it's not about reach it's about results. Greenlamp's platform allows you to get in front of the best audience, in the best setting, at the best time.
  • Greenlamp serves as the control panel for geospatial apps looking to grow their user-base. Our fist app, COIN has been installed by over 80,000 people, and it's not slowing down anytime soon.


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    Not only are consumers faced with data clutter, so too are app developers. The first part of our process centers on munging data, stripping out the noise and gathering only the signals that will most likely generate a customer.

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    The second part of our process revolves around feeding our prediction model terabytes of data in order to train itself.

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    The third and final part rests on testing our prediction model by executing and growing apps consumer-base in the fastest, most precise way possible.



Greenlamp is in fact operated by humans.

Though algorithms are the present and future, true human creativity will forever trump machines. And that's where we come in. We're a bunch of blues lovin' folks who spend our days (and often nights) working on apps and growth technologies.

We are located in San Diego, California and can be found enjoying the non-virtual world from time-to-time. But most of the time, we're hunkered down in a dark room full of computers, pushing the limits of our technology.

The name, Greenlamp, stems from the green desk lamps that often sat atop the desks of old school Wall Street bankers. To us it symbolizes hard work, showing up everyday, being on all day, pulling the switch and getting to work.